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  • Are all acupuncturists the same ?
    No. Most Chinese medicine practitioners and acupuncturists are general health practitioners. This means that they treat a little bit of everything similar to family doctors. Sports acupuncturists are more like specialists. My clinical practice focuses on pain management, musculosketal dysfunction and the enchancement of sports performance. Using this form of acupuncture patients and athletes are able to heal more efficiently, increase range of motion and regain muscle strength faster than conventional treatments.
  • How is sports acupuncture different ?
    Traditional acupuncture focuses on needling specific points on the channels/meridians of the body. The goal is to restore the body's natural balance, improve organ function and free the flow of blocked qi. Sports acupuncture focuses more on the body's muscle and joint function. Focus is put on anatomy, gait patterns, posture, muscle function and trigger points. This is the most effective technique for sports injuries, musculoskeletal imbalances, joint pains, repetitive strain and wear and tear injuries. With specific muscle testing and orthopedic exams we are able to accurately pin point exactly what muscles are inhibited and address them as needed. These techniques are highly effective and backed up by modern scientific research.
  • How many treatments will I need ?
    Depending on the type of the condition you may need a succession of weekly treatments. Usually you will see great improvement within 4-8 treatmens, but if you have a chonic condition this may take longer. Don't forget, it often takes years for symptoms to develop and manifest in the way we feel today. We can't expect them to resolve in one treatment.
  • I was injured in a motor vehicle accident. Will ICBC cover my treatments?
    Yes. Under the new regulations outlined by ICBC you are entitled to 12 treatments covered under their insurance. If you require more treatments after the initial 12, your practitioner will assess your condition and file an extension for you for additional treatments if needed.
  • I'm not an athelete can I still come for sports acupuncture ?
    Absolutely. Acupuncture can treat a variety of conditions other than pain. Some of these areas include : digestion, headaches, mental heatlh, addictions, womens health, sleep disorders, skin conditions and many more.
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