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Specific Treatments for 


Pain Management

Acupuncture has been recognized as one of the best natural treatments for pain relief. Many clinical trials demonstrate that acupuncture is both a safe and effective treatment for acute and chronic pain conditions.

Sports Injuries 

Sports acupuncture is highly effective for sports injuries such as  sprains, strains, and musculoskeletal dysfunctions. Acupuncture greatly speeds up recovery time, prevents injuries and increases range of motion. Great for the seasoned athlete or weekend warrior. 


Sports Performance

Many professional athletes and sports teams are using acupuncture for injury prevention and sports performance. By increasing range of motion and improving muscle function, athletes are able to perform better and avoid acute and chronic injuries. 


Why Sports Acupuncture?

Sports acupuncture (Neurofunctional Acupuncture) is a modern technique developed on the basis of neurology, biomechanics and muscle function. Sports acupuncture focuses on assessing range of motion and manual muscle testing to determine what imbalances may be contributing to your condition. Most often, painful movement with chronic injuries is the result of  the nervous system not working optimally. This affects the firing patterns of muscles which in turn affects the tendons, nerves and joints. Neurofunctional acupuncture is mechanical- based not disease based. Therapeutic interventions are based upon the dysfunctions of the nervous system contributing to the presentation of the symptoms. Stimulus via Acupuncture treatments restores the disconnect between the muscles and the central nervous system, resetting them to normal function. Restoring this disconnect greatly improves range of motion, increases muscle strength and reduces pain. 





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Acupuncture encourages vasodialation of the  blood vessels and capillaries within tissues of the body. This increases blood flow and oxygen exchange helping to support organ function, muscles, and glands that may be  blocked or sluggish. 

Acupuncture stimulates the body's natural healing mechanisms. Micro trauma from the insertion of acupuncture needles stimulates regeneration and repair of cells in the body. They also stimulate nerve bundles that connect to organs helping them to function optimally. 

reduces pain

Acupuncture is one of the best choices for treating pain. By stimulation nerve bundles along the body's pathways,  acupuncture prompts the release of natural pain killers and endorphins. 

Everyday we are exposed to physical, emotional and environmental stressors. Calming the nervous system improves the function of organs, the brain, digestion, sleep, circulation and reduces chronic  inflammation.  


promotes tissue regeneration

balance the nervous system


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